Bussiness and Project Management

Manage projects in the modern world with teams increasingly dispersed across departments, external partners, time zones and geographies. Collaborating on tasks and keeping track of who is working on what and when can be tricky.

So how is it possible to get things done in a smart way? NAE based on insight of our project management experts have developed the way to help you manage projects and get things done together with your team.

How to plan a project, best practices for smart, successful project management and collaboration, advice on tools to help you execute your plan, your business.

The objective of the project is defined in terms of final, completed or deliverable product, it programs and inside the budget.

Business Plan

Each business needs a plan and to elaborate a plan of detailed businesses will provide you an opportunity for to model a powerful strategy of development of businesses.

The business plan necessarily contains a set of plans that alone contribute to implementing a global plan together with marketing, finance and service operations


A team of the project is an enriching experience and of gratifying growth for each person. However, the growth is not generated alone; it requires of responsibility, arduous work, open mentality and the desire to be developed.

Each member of the team shares something of that responsibility. Enjoy challenge of achieving something and of working like part of a team.

NAE help to create an environment that is effective for the project, control and assume the responsibility of their activities, to complete our assignments inside the budget and before the programmed times.

Virtual Office

Is it a small business? Don't worry, the international legislation allows to create its brand of digital businesses. Our service offers an entire office for its business for a fixed monthly cost and added incalculable value. Their protected investment and the unique quality that their business will offer its clients.


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