Servers - Data Base - Programming

Exist countless programming languages, based on this concept about technologies and techniques for software construction have evolved quickly in the last years and recent for web systems' construction

New technologies and web applications field have surged and now the all compete together. Software architects and developers keep building applications using old practices, others, do not know the alternatives and how interesting can they be.

NAE work focused in alternatives for building enterprise systems ASP.NET, C#, C++, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, Framework, Python, etc.

Each technology's capacity will be determined by the level of support it brings into the each high-level pattern implementation. Even in practice, many web applications are built using an ad-hoc architecture, design patterns lead to standard solutions, easy to comprehend and maintainable for developers.

The chose of certain web development programming language depends of certain aspects such as the learning curve of a specific one, or the hardware capabilities of the different servers that made the whole system. Nonetheless, on advanced development entities, these characteristics can be not determinant.


Not pay more for less, adapt our resources to their necessities. Value added scalable. Offer our own server so that you can see the demo of their request for all the applicable services.

Data Base

Group complex stored organized by means of a structure of data. Each database is designed to satisfy the requirements of information of your business or another organization type. University, hospital, influencer, companies, markets..


The server will be charge of receiving the petitions referred to pages, file or elements of the web through protocol.

Server only is not good to assist petitions http, they are also able to understand instructions of advanced languages of the web and to translate them or they are able to consent to resources of other server.


Programming. Code. Setup. Installation. Process Management. SSH. Linux. Apache. Language. Software. Data Base Management. Consultant. Data Base Design. Mysql. Sql. Oracle. Servers. Hosting. Domains.