OnX-e is a brand in charge of SERVICIOSNAE FP duly registered in the Comercial Registry of Venezuela, making participant to their users and in execution of the venezuelan existent legislation carried out by the Ministry of the Popular Power for the Science, Technology and Innovation, it considers the following Terms and Conditions applied to the use of all the Services presented by NAE, their Official SITE www.naegroup.pw, their related and social networks that are linked directly, being integral part of communication and transaction between us.

You can verify in the address bar in the navigator and from there to its related ones, or entering directly in each one of these. Equally, the registration number for legal billing according to normative of SENIAT, Venezuelan entity in charge of the inspection is present in any part of the page and that obligatorily to carry out any commercial transaction, being this RIF: V130318564, it can consult the legality of the same one in www.seniat.gob.ve.

Another factor to take in consideration when carrying out commercial transactions that it involves payments and orders of service is the name of the domain NAEGROUP.PW, you can see the legality of the same, being possible to consult in Data Base Who IS.

The use of our systems and/or to register in the same ones, you accept these Terms the same as information and data given by you to be validated and verified with the purpose of giving you access in such a way that can acquire some product and/or service with security, we assure that he/she doesn't take their data for propagation of the same ones neither to create spam or not wanted mail. All and each one of the products and offered services are property by us.

We do not intervene between you and some other supplier, except for distribution products directly granted by the allowed suppliers and authorized in the case that applies, services of white label and prosecution. We offer the valid guarantee for the maker's time, services and/or hired processes and exactly paid, you accept that the images of the products and services can be referential.

The prices and existences can vary without previous warning, making sure the purchase when having been confirmed the order, carried out the payment and confirmed the same one for the foreseen means, this will allow you to maintain the price.

NAEGROUP makes participant to its users of the execution of the international existent legislation carried out by the governments, applied to the use of all the services lower platform of Internet by NAEGROUP, its Official site, payments and related, it is included social channels and that they are linked being integral part of communication and transaction directly. The international systems are in official English and not official language, Spanish is allowed in all our transactions, the currency of international change is the Dollar, the Euro and cryptocurrencies to Bolívar change of Venezuela low legislation administrative government, more expenses and honorarium under the countable legislation of Prices for Transfer.

All it not exposed under these Terms and Conditions between NAEGROUP and you it will be governed in the first place by the existent normative Venezuelan, subsequently of the legislation of each country where you are carried out the operations international, and in the middle of commercial execution of any country of European Union, the American continent and international effective treaties against the money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Update mayo 2019