Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

The blockchain technology was born together with bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that eliminates intermediaries, provides transparency in the processing of operations, reduces transaction costs and improves competitiveness.

At first these were inseparable, but the blockchain is much more than the auxiliary technology that made the operation of this digital currency possible. Today it has become one of the most advantageous technologies due to its added value.

Reasons to use blockchain technology

The blockchain is more than a cryptourrency, it is decentralized, it is not controlled by any government or organization. It is a very safe technology, since the data can not be manipulated and are fully verifiable. An aspect of great importance for the development of operations, since it reduces fraud.

Initial Coin Offering

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Characteristics and advantages in the use of blockchain technology

Due to all these advantages offered by this technology, it is not superfluous to implement it in your business. NAE provides information channels adapted to your particular needs. Please contact us for all special request.

  • Elimination of intermediaries in processes
  • Cost reduction and greater competitiveness
  • The data of the transactions can not be falsified once they have been registered
  • Historical database of each of the operations with absolute transparency
  • Allows registering any type of financial transaction, transfers of properties, management, records, not just monetary ones
  • The blockchain techonology has the ability to allow smartcontracts, intelligent contracts between two or more parties that can be executed and enforced by themselves, automatically
  • The blockchain helps in the confirmation of contracts without having to reveal confidential information