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Reasons to choose NAE

Internet and technology in general has become an essential tool for business either for a consolidated company or entrepreneur willing to create a new project, the commercial strategy is to provide the highest visibility on the network.

Considering these advantages, thanks to the new online business systems you can achieve your goals with the highest performance and added value.

OnX-e combines knowledge, a professional team of work and technology to achieve shared benefits, growth and development on a global scale. We convert a necessity singular or social in an opportunity of profitable businesses for you.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is more than a chain of operations, it is decentralized, it is not controlled by any government or organization. The data can not be manipulated and are fully verifiable.

Allows registering any type of transaction such as financial, transfers of properties, management, records, not just monetary ones.

Safe technology

Reduces fraud

Registering any type of operations

Project Management

Analysis and evaluation of objectives such as planning, feasibility, financing, execution time and work teams. This will depend on good performance during the development of the project and success

Our professionals will combine all the activities in an effective way.



Budget control

Human Resources

We strive to achieve the performance objectives of your business. We encourage the fulfillment of work with the ideal work environment.

Requirements of the right personnel, with the right combination of knowledge and skills to perform the necessary work.

Work Team

Motivated professionals

Task control

24 hours schedules


Do not pay more for less, we offer technological and multipurpose equipment with scalable solutions for your business needs.

Server solutions, cdn, domain hosting, email, projects, web pages, e-commerce, storage solution and test servers.

Combination of solutions with a global vision, aimed at providing to business of servers that comply with the industry security standards.

Dedicated servers. Vps.

Easy to Setup. Linux. Windows. Onyx

Panels, Cpanel, ISPConfig, Whm, Vesta

Hosting and domains


Everything you see through internet, mobile or computer is developed under one or several existing programming languages. There are many languages that we use to design, code, debug and maintain a source code.

Not only programs, we offer, applications, cloud-based systems, websites, e-commerce, code maintenance, technologies and projects that escape the imagination.

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, C++, NET, JS, Angular, App etc

Clean code and customizable

Quick Support

WordPress, PrestaShop, e-commerce

Data Base

Digital Marketing

Marketing is a decisive activity in all companies, in addition, it is not only marketing managers who make decisions. People of almost all functions can have a powerful influence on customer satisfaction with the goods and services they provide.

NAE finds ways to differentiate your services from other providers so that your customers have reasons to prefer you, because without its benefits, customers will not buy.

Awesome unique creative Design

Social media share

Strategic marketing

Mail Marketing, campaigns




To obtain our products and services, NAE provides information channels adapted to your particular needs. Please contact us for all special request.

NAE Group
Profesionals web freelancers

If you are a customer, we turn your idea into reality with costs adjusted to your budget

  • SERVICES: Online services LATAM
  • TECHNOLOGY: Web Development and Humans ResourceS
NAE Cloud
Servidores empresariales y de negocios

Business hosting, configured for every need, scalable, with an excellent value for money.

  • SERVICES: Servers and Hosting
  • TECHNOLOGY: Cpanel, WHM, Linux. Windows. Vesta. Centos
Professional and office services for Venezuela

Experience, professionalism, vocation ... and innovation in national and international services, 10 years in the Venezuelan market and the oil industry

  • SERVICES: Managers. Office. Industry. Developments. Contract administrators
  • TECHNOLOGY: IT. Servers. Data Base. Administration Systems.

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Offer your services anywhere in the world and to numerous potential clients.

Open your business during the twenty-four hours.

Create companies with minimum personnel costs.

Measure your target audience and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Communicate immediately with customers through social networks.

Loyalty to your customers.


From $4
  • Domain DNS Setup
  • Unlimited Development
  • Advance Protection
  • Cloud Storage
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Backup Service


From $15 per hour
  • Virtual Assistence
  • Unlimited Development
  • Advance Protection
  • Cloud Storage
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Backup Service
$15 Per hour


From $250 per project
  • Unlimited RRHH
  • Unlimited domain
  • Advance Protection
  • Cloud Storage
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Backup Service
$250 Per project
Project Management

Manage projects in the modern world with teams increasingly dispersed across departments, external partners, time zones and geographies. Collaborating on tasks and keeping track of who is working on what and when can be tricky...

Human Resources

In many organizations, companies, business the HR manager faces is a dilemma. You want to help company management find ways to save on workforce related costs, find and hire better talent, and improve existing talent through training and development...

Digital Marketing

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