Legal information

Legal Notice – Venezuela

NAE duly registered in the Second Mercantile Registry of the Judicial District of Anzoategui State, Venezuela, involving its users and in compliance with the existing Venezuelan legislation carried out by the Ministry of Popular Power for Science, Technology and Innovation, considers the following Terms and Conditions applied to the use of all Services represented by SERVICIOSNAE, its National Official Site and its related for international users, social channels; @serviciosnae on Twitter, Facebook that are directly linked, being an integral part of communication and transaction between us and you.

The official web address of access to the site is possible to verify in the address bar in the browser and from there to its related, or by entering directly in each of these. Likewise, the registration number for national legal billing according to Seniat regulations, the Venezuelan entity in charge of the inspection, you can request it and that is mandatory for any commercial transaction. You can check the legality of the same in Another factor to take into consideration when conducting commercial transactions involving payments and service orders is the name of the domain, the legality of it is granted by CONATEL, being possible to consult it through

It is understood that using our systems and / or registering in them, you accept these Terms as well as information and data provided by you to be validated and verified in order to give you access so you can purchase a product and / or service with security, we ensure that you do not take your data for propagation or create spam or spam. Each and every one of the products and services offered are the property of SERVICIOSNAE, we do not intervene between you and any other provider, except for distribution products directly granted by the authorized and authorized suppliers, if applicable, white label services and processing. We offer the valid guarantee for the time of the manufacturer, services and / or processes contracted and effectively paid, you accept that the images of the products and services can be referential, as indicated in the description. Prices and inventories can vary without prior notice, ensuring the purchase upon confirmation of the order, payment made and confirmed by the means provided, this will allow you to maintain the price.

Administration Services and Offices.

All these services are prior reservation, you can request demonstrations when registering in the System. The obligation of the service is to provide through an Administration Service Contract, which adds added value in stay, equipment, maintenance and security by Value-Day contracted. In case of Properties they are without effect upon not receiving the corresponding payment and according to the Contracting and Equipment Plan. The services of Offices, Administration, XAE, Project includes evaluation studies and according to the real needs of the Client, being able to be used in Value-Day.

Procurement and Logistics.

Other services are considered in this area and can be individual, group and represent added value in the provision of a service. Human Resources. Supplies Maintenance.

Internet and Servers.

It includes a whole range of technological services present on the web and on customized servers. Some of these services require compliance with propagation and security standards to achieve the satisfaction required by the client. This retains all the right of access to services according to the amount contracted. The customer has the right to withdraw at any time and must pay additional in the event that administrative costs generated by the interruption of the service.


It consists of distribution, design, authorized development of Software, Programs, Administrative Systems, Operating Systems, OEM, Servers, Licenses, Extensions, Modules, Developments, Applications, either via electronic download or through original physical means of Software, these can add price additional shipping or import charges. We do not distribute illegal software. The end user has the right to use according to the manufacturer’s rules. The requested programming language is also offered, it is governed by the amount contracted, the rights are retained by the user, we do not intervene in the propagation of our clients’ applications without authorization.

Legal Notice – International

NAE informs its users of compliance with the existing international legislation carried out by governments, applied to the use of all services under the Internet platform provided by SERVICIOSNAE, its Official Site, payments and related, social channels are included, and they link directly being an integral part of communication and transaction. The international systems are in the official Spanish language and not official, English is allowed in all our transactions, the international currency is the Dollar, the Euro and the Pound at the exchange of the Venezuelan Bolivar VEF under government legislation, plus administrative expenses and fees under the Transfer Pricing accounting legislation.

Everything not exposed in these Terms and Conditions between SERVICIOSNAE and you will be governed by Venezuelan regulations in the first place, followed by the legislation of each country where international commercial operations are carried out, and in full compliance with any country of the European Union. , the American continent and current international treaties against money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Update: February 2020